Company presentation


To establish the treatment with focused ultrasound as a major step in glaucoma care 

To establish the treatment with focused ultrasound as a major step in glaucoma care by proposing an innovative alternative to existing therapeutic options utilized to control intraocular pressure.

EYE TECH CARE, based in Lyon, was founded in 2008 by experts in the field of therapeutic ultrasound. The company develops and markets medical devices for the non invasive treatment of eye diseases.

Glaucoma and ocular hypertension affect some 12O million people around the world, but are diagnosed in only about 30% of cases. It is the second cause of blindness, according to WHO (World Health Organization).

With the support of renowned scientific and financial partners, EYE TECH CARE has developed the EyeOP1, an unique therapeutic device. Its teams have designed the only medical procedure that currently addresses all patients with uncontrolled glaucoma, irrespective of their prior treatment history.

This non-invasive, extremely precise treatment, offers a very good tolerance profile without significant side effects. It can be performed in less than three minutes in an outpatient care setting.

This technology is unique and the company presently holds a remarkable IP portfolio. 

Results from clinical investigations conducted have led to issuance of CE-marking in June 2011 by the LNE/G-MED - Notified body N°0459. The EyeOP1 device is currently marketed in Europe. The LNE also certifies the quality management system developed by EYE TECH CARE.


To date more than 4,000 patients have benefited from treatment with this medical device.