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WGC Symposium - Feedback

A few words to share feedback on the recent World Glaucoma Congress that took place in Helsinki on June 28th-July 1st.

• Communications
6 communications as oral posters presented on June 29th and June 30th 

• Symposium
Good attendance (for an early meeting!) with customers from different regions attending (EMEA, China, India mainly), 4 presentations from Pr Aptel(France), Pr Stalmans (Belgium), Pr George (India), Pr Sun (China)- Chaired by Keith BartonInteractive questions and answers questions with main subjects on:

  • Mechanisms of action of UCP
  • Best indications
  • Possibility to treat angle-closure
  • In the future, possibility of the technology to offer a customized protocol, for late-stage patients as well as for earlier stage patients

White paper summarizing key take-aways of the symposium to be published in coming weeks